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H.O.D.I. International

transforming communities through partnership
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H.O.D.I. recognizes the co-existing realities of economic poverty, gender disparity and the lack of empowerment. Consequently, Hands-On Development Initiatives International invests in the development of both leaders and community groups.

Communal.  We have made a long-term, but not an indefinite commitment to partner with a specific Kenyan community. There, through various social networks, we work with every member, whether child or elder, widow or leader. We also work with regional and national leadership in areas such as environment, health, social services, and education.

Grassroots. H.O.D.I. cooperates with a wide range of local groups and committees, from women's groups, educational associations, and business cooperatives. 

We Listen. We learn. We hear wisdom in the voice of the elders, and sometimes in the voices of children. We value indigenous knowledge and seek to have appropriate cultural fit and relevance.

Responsible.  We aim to make the most out of scarce donor resources. Through an affirmative approach, we also purpose to help Kenyans identify their contribution to community endeavors, and develop talent and nurture gifted individuals. Ultimately, an empowered community becomes the mentor of yet other communities.

Innovative.  We aim to overcome the challenges of poverty, environment, and ineffective social systems in ways that are sensitive, creative, and effective in the long-term.

  We seek to be agents of hope and change, walking alongside villagers in and through their pain and struggle with poverty, and together celebrating progress and success.  
Integrated.  Our work in multiple sectors, simultaneously, promotes the application and integration of effective leadership and development principles. 

Through community projects, medical and educational resourcing, care of orphans and vulnerable children through pre-school sponsorships and high school scholarships, H.O.D.I. strives to meet the needs of the whole person within his or her community.